Shocking Photos Show Miserable Animals Left In Abandoned Zoo

Pictures of abandoned animals have recently surfaced and they are difficult to view. They are in an abandoned zoo and people are outraged over the issue.

The animals, which include bears, tigers and monkeys have been abandoned in The Parque Zoologico Prudencio Navarro on Spain’s Costa de la Luz. If they are not rescued, they could die.

The zoo has been closed for about two months. The closure occurred after several deaths and some complaints coming from campaigners.

The authorities in Ayamonte, who are responsible for operating the zoo have seemed to ignore the plight of the animals. There were some offers to rehome them but it seems as if they decided to leave their fate a mystery.

Now that the images shown below have surfaced, the worst fears of the activists have been confirmed. It shows a number of animals, including a tiger, bears and four baboons that have been left alone in their filthy enclosures.

The Proyecto Gran Simio (Great Ape Project) has been very vocal about what the zoo bosses are doing. They say that the lack of security and the indiscretion of those bosses could lead to the animals escaping.

Spokesman Pedro Terrados said: “The zoo is in a state of chaotic abandonment, with depressed animals unattended by veterinarians.

“There is stagnant water in their enclosures, with great danger of infection if they consume it. It could also become a nest of mosquitoes, transmitting diseases.

“Most of the animals are doing very badly psychologically.”

He also added that it is unknown if the animals were being fed and he is fearful that they will die.

He said: “Who would feed them? How? And what diet? How many vitamins to each species? What control do they have? None. We do not know anything.

“On the other hand there is a tremendous lack of security. Until it came out in the media, they had not closed the way to people, because they left the doors open.”

The Council is now being urged to do something before ‘animals die, or a serious accident or escape occurs due to lack of security’.

Mr Terrados said: “The animals at the zoo should go to specialised sanctuaries of wild animals.

“We are fighting in Spain for the state to create a rescue centre to accommodate the animals that are abandoned by zoos or circuses that stop using them.

“It is not ethical or educational to visit animals that have lost all their essence as a species, where they are bored and withered, and lifeless cards existing only for the amusement of humans.

“The cages of the zoos are being emptied by death of the animals. They must be closed forever and not used to exploit animals economically.”

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