Single Mom Gets Generous Offer From Complete Stranger — With 3 Conditions.

As the summer draws quickly to an end, mom’s are getting prepared to be bombarded with ad after ad of sales on school supplies.  The shelves at the stores have been stocked up since the middle of July with pens, paper, pencils, backpacks and everything school related.

Whether kids will admit it or not, most of them are actually looking forward to this end-of-summer ritual because it means they get brand new stuff. But for some this time of year comes with all new stress because financially they can not afford all new stuff.

Billie is a single mom from Florida,  raising her young son by herself.  She works four jobs and attends school full-time,  which means money and time are in great demand.

Billie was looking for support from other single moms, when she posted to a Facebook group  and it’s there that a complete stranger read her post.

A woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, messaged Billie with a generous offer.  She was looking to help two single moms with lists of school supplies they couldn’t afford.  She said in her

message that Billie’s posts had caught her eye. She also listed  a few conditions.

“I am not good at accepting help. But I can’t even explain how amazingly this would help.”

Billie replied and did everything to ensure that it wasn’t some sort of scam or that she wasn’t putting herself or her son in danger.

“I was a bit cautious of course, I stalked her online and made sure she wasn’t an ax murderer,” she wrote.

When everything checked out Billie agreed to pay if forward someday but couldn’t understand why someone would offer a complete stranger this type of help.

She received this message explaining everything:

The woman experienced a random act of kindness, because of  the gift she graduated debt free.  She had a gut feeling about Billie and something urged her to repay the kindness that was shown to her.

She felt like Santa Claus, going straight to work with her list she purchased all the items on the list for the second grader and even added some necessities that every household needs.

I opened the boxes today. All of my sons school supplies and some extras. A new pair of shoes, which is awesome cuz I’m super thrifty and hardly ever buy brand new things. He is gonna be super excited.

We still have no idea who this stranger is, or why she choose Billie’s posts. Much like Christmas when something like this happens maybe not knowing is part of the mystery.

Whoever you are we are amazed by your act of kindness, if more people in the world would consider doing one small thing for someone else this world would be much nicer to live in.

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