Snowman Gets The Last Laugh When Vandal Fails To Run It Over With A Car

If you live in an area where it snows regularly, you probably know that a snowstorm can be both the best of times and the worst of times. Kids love it for all of the fun it provides, from snowballs to snowmen. At the same time, it can be treacherous for drivers.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can enjoy snow if you have the right attitude about it. That was seen recently in Kentucky when Cody Lutz built a snowman with his fiancee and her sister.

They used a convenient tree stump for the snowman base and built it all the way up to the black had. They then posed for the social media pictures. This is no ordinary snowman, it is 9 feet tall! I guess they had to use a ladder for the final touches.

*Insert line from a wintery Disney musical here*I’m from the Frosty generation, personally. ????⛄️

Posted by Cody Lutz on Sunday, January 13, 2019

They barely had time to celebrate the new creation before tragedy struck. When Lutz got home, he saw tire tracks heading through the yard and right up to ‘Frosty’. The stump was not partially exposed and you can clearly see the bumper impression on the front of the snowman where they hit the stump.

Lutz assumes that the car must have been on a mission to run over the snowman. The driver was probably all smiles as he drove through the yard but when he hit the stump, I’m sure his expression changed.

Frosty wasn’t damaged, other than missing some snow around the stump but I’m sure the same couldn’t be said for the car.

In the end, Frosty is still standing with a huge smile on his face. The stump saved his life and he got the last laugh

Lutz decided another picture was in order and he posted it on Facebook with the caption: “This is Petersburg for you. What they didn’t count on, is the massive stump in the center. Life is hard, but it’s much harder when you’re stupid.”

This is Petersburg for you. What they didn’t count on, is the massive stump in the center. Life is hard, but it’s much…

Posted by Cody Lutz on Monday, January 14, 2019

One person commented, “That’s hilarious. Guess there isn’t much else to do in Petersburg than to try to mow over snowmen.”

Another comment reads, “I guess they only paused a moment when they heard him holler stop.”

Lutz gave an interview and called the event a matter of surprise ‘karma’ but he has said since then that he doesn’t believe in karma. Perhaps a better word was ‘payback’ but regardless of what you call it, the driver probably learned a difficult lesson.

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