South Korea shutting down notorious dog meat market

South Korea is one of the few nations left in the world that still allows for the existence of dog meat markets. This deplorable practice has come under fire in recent years. Now, the nation has finally decided that they are ready to do something about it. Busan, South Korea was the location for one of the most infamous dog meat markets but now this area is being shut down.

Gupo Livestock Market’s dog meat sales personnel have come to an agreement with the local authorities on this matter. The market will soon be changed into a public park. While there are business reasons to put a stop to this practice, there has also been considerable public outcry. Simply put, people are sick and tired of open air dog meat markets.

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There is simply no reason for them to exist in a civilized society. Park Won-soon, the mayor of Seoul, has vowed to close as many of these markets as possible. Without this type of assistance, dog meat markets would still be allowed to exist with impunity. The good folks at Humane Society International have been pushing for these regulations for some time now.

We are glad to see that their efforts are starting to bear fruit. No one should be willing to stand for such cruel and barbaric behavior in 2019. Dogs deserve to be treated with love and respect. They do not need to be kept in cages, so that they can be slaughtered at a “kill to order” open air eatery. Hopefully, other traders are now inspired to close up shop.

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Market vendors and local authorities are now working together to make these dreams a reality. Both sides deserve kudos for being ready to work towards these goals. As more and more people start to turn away from the practice of consuming dog meat, it behooves these vendors to find a new way to make a living. It is clear that the old ways of doing things are over.

Crackdowns like these make us smile. They are a win/win for all parties involved. The dogs are treated in a far more humane manner. The vendors are also able to move into more profitable sectors. As polls continue to show that younger South Koreans are against this practice, it is time for local authorities to take the necessary steps to put a lasting end to it. Please share this story to spread awareness.

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