Starving Puppy Dumped With Chair And TV Thought Owner Would Come Back

This story begins at a Brookhaven roadside. A dog was found in this area and the poor animal was in dire straits. Can you believe that someone simply left this dog on an armchair on the side of the road? We have heard a number of animal abandonment stories in the past but this one takes the cake. It takes a truly heartless person to behave in such an astonishingly cruel manner.

A woman named Sharon (who works with animal control) posted about the situation on Facebook. Those who follow the Lost and Found Pets page were bothered by the situation. Residents of Lincoln County, MS and beyond were hopping mad by what they had read. Animal control was contacted shortly after the dog was found. A woman dumped the animal on Gaston Trail, along with various other items.

While there is nothing wrong with leaving some old and unwanted items on the side of the road for others to enjoy, there is something perverse about choosing to treat a dog this way. The puppy did not understand what had taken place. An animal control official says that the animal was waiting in the chair, as if they fully expected their mother to come back for them.

That is one of the most heartbreaking aspects of any animal rescue story. They do not have the ability to understand what has taken place. The animals who are abandoned will usually allow themselves to believe that it is only temporary. In some cases, they may even lash out against those who try to offer them a new home. “Shame on you for doing this to this puppy,” said Sharon in her post.

Dogs feel the sadness of being abandoned on a level that humans do not always understand. These animals are not going to shrug their shoulders and carry on. Just imagine how you would feel if the only family you have ever known decided to toss you aside without a second thought. Fortunately, this dog was able to receive the necessary care and be placed up for adoption.

However, there are a multitude of animals who are not so lucky. Please share this story to raise awareness about the plight of these poor souls. No animal ever deserves to be abandoned, especially not in a world where there are no shortage of available shelters. Let’s all do our part to make these types of stories a thing of the past.

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