These Temporary Tattoos Let You Know When You’ve Been In The Sun Too Long

Summer is now officially here and with it comes the warm weather, longer days and the great outdoors. We might find ourselves having a picnic with family, taking our summer vacation and of course, spending time by the pool. Those may be different activities but they all involve being out in the sun.

The sunlight is beneficial to humans for both their physical and mental health. Without sunlight, you might not be getting enough vitamin D and it could lead to depression. Unfortunately, the sun can also be harmful if you stay out of it too long. You could end up with a nasty sunburn, sun poisoning or perhaps even a heat stroke.

You might be wondering how much is too much because it is so nice to be out in the warm weather after a long winter. The answer to that question may come in the form of a temporary tattoo.

LogicInk’s body art offers a special type of temporary tattoo that is more than a beautiful addition to your body, it lets you know when you’ve been out in the sun too long automatically.

These temporary tattoos can be applied once a day on the skin directly. After the tattoo has run its course and let you know that you’ve had enough sun for the day, you just go back inside and prepare to apply the next tattoo on the following day.

“LogicInk is formulated to help people with sensitive or fair skin stay within safe UV limits as defined by the World Health Organization,” the company says on its website.

“If your skin burns easily, you’ll want to re-apply sunscreen, cover up or find shade before the last segment turns completely pink. But people of all skin types can be harmed by too much UV exposure. LogicInk helps everyone remember to take action to prevent skin damage.”

The way that it works is rather straightforward. The tattoo includes an outer purple ring that shows you the amount of UV exposure you’ve had for the day. As you stay out of the sun, the tattoo ring will eventually turn pink and when you’ve been out to the full limit for the day, the ring will be fully pink.

It got its start in 2018 with a Kickstarter campaign. Now that it is available to the public, you can grab your own tattoo subscription for $29 a month. That subscription will get you 15 temporary tattoos monthly, helping to keep your skin healthy when the weather is hot and sunny. Enjoy the great outdoors without the worry.

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