Stray Dog Reunites With Owner Who Spent 8 Years Looking For Her

Sophia Hanson experienced one of the worst feelings that a dog owner can ever have back in 2009. All she wanted to do was let her dogs outside to play. What happened next was heartbreaking. Blake and Lalia were left outdoors to play with one another and everything seemed normal enough at first. Once she went back to check on them, they were gone.

Sophia had no idea where the dogs had gone or who would do such an awful thing. To this day, she is still not entirely sure what took place. Maybe the dogs were stolen or maybe they simply got away on their own? The whole thing remains a mystery. We would bet on a thief but Sophia believes that the dogs may have simply taken off on their own.

After a year had gone by, she and her husband came across an ad that startled them. They found an ad for a pitbull and the seller wanted $500 for the dog. The animal was also a dead ringer for their beloved Blake. The couple decided to pretend that they were there to purchase the dog. When they finally saw Blake, the animal was trapped on one of the largest chains that they had ever seen.

The process of rehabilitating him was challenging. Once they saw what had became of Blake, they knew that Lalia was probably in trouble. The couple feared the worst for their sweet pup. Fortunately, she had someone special looking after her in the meantime. Janice Rackley found the dog last year. She was wandering through a nearby field and had clearly not been fed in ages.

Janice knew that she had to help the old girl. She feels like she was put in the right place at the right time. Janice brought the dog food and water immediately. Sadly, Lalia was not used to this sort of treatment and ran away from Janice before she had a chance to help. It took some time but eventually, Lalia and Janice would become friends.

She had the dog scanned and a microchip was found. Sophia was contacted soon after. She dropped everything to come over. The two had the most adorable reunion. Even though it had been eight years, they had not missed one beat. Lots of tears were cried and everyone involved was an emotional mess. We cannot imagine what Lalia has been through but we are glad she is back home now!

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