Cat Comes To The Rescue And Unlocks The Door After Owner Gets Stuck Outside

Boko the cat was once a stray animal, forced to live on the streets. When this cat was given the chance to return the favor, they responded. Gabby Tropea is responsible for the adoption of Boko. She found the lonely creature wandering around her college campus. The two are now the best of friends. These days, you rarely see one without the other.

However, a recent accident threatened the bond that these two share. Gabby needed to leave Boko behind, so that she could walk her younger sister to school. She left the house and did not know that the door had been set to lock behind her. Unfortunately, Gabby did not have her keys at the time. Once she returned, Boko was very concerned about her inability to get back inside.

The cat was understandably nervous. What if Gabby was unable to get back inside? Would Boko have to go back to living on the streets? He cried, he scratched, he whined. Gabby knew that she needed to get back into the house as quickly as possible. Poor Boko was soon convinced that he was not long for this world. He needed to do something quickly.

The following clip will have you screaming with laughter. Boko was able to dislodge the stick, the door was opened and the two were reunited. We can’t begin to imagine how scared Boko was at first, though. He clearly thought that Gabby was about to be taken away from him. This is one cat who was not about to be sent back to the streets.

What happened next might surprise you. The patio door that she was locked out of was held closed with a stick. This stick was certainly no match for the cat’s superior intellect. Gabby started encouraging Boko to play with the stick. Soon, the cat understood what she was asking him to do. He began to lift it up shortly after her request.

The two were back together again. Boko was extra clingy at first and understandably so. He thought that he was going to lose his mother forever. Boko did not allow anything to keep them from being reunited. His efforts need to be recognized. If this clip made you laugh and smile, please be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. They are sure to appreciate all of Boko’s hard work.

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