Dying Man’s Last Wish Is To Find A Home For His Beloved Dog

John is the type of person who is unable to live unless he has a dog to accompany him. Even though he needs a wheelchair now, that did not stop him from providing a home for a shelter dog. California’s Muttville Senior Dog Rescue gave him the chance to take Pawpaw home back in 2017. Since then, the two have become the best of friends and are getting along famously.

Pawpaw and John are both seniors. The two developed a close bond and became their own little family. John may have ALS but that has not kept him from caring for Pawpaw. Can you believe that Pawpaw is actually the 13th dog that he has owned? This is one man who has a big heart. Now that his health has started to decline, he is worried for Pawpaw’s future.

He wants to make sure that Pawpaw will have a forever home to call his own once he has moved on to a better place. John knows that he will be leaving soon. He is not worried about himself, though. This selfless man simply wants to know that his dog is going to be all right. After all, they are family and that is what family does for one another.

He has contacted Muttville Senior Dog Rescue to see if they are willing to help. As you might have expected, they are more than happy to assist Pawpaw and John. This type of forward thinking truly warms the heart. John would be forgiven for worrying about himself right now. Usually, people in his position pass away and the dog is left to fend for themselves.

John is not going to allow Pawpaw to experience this fate. Thanks to the Seniors for Seniors program that this animal rescue has started, Pawpaw is going to be able to find a new companion soon enough. The 13 year old would fit in just about anywhere. He is a friendly dog and his demeanor is often compared to that of a puppy’s.

He’s still got lots of love left to give and it is time for him to find a new home. John also receives the peace of mind that comes with knowing that his friend will remain safe. If you would like to help Pawpaw find a new home, you can contact them here.

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