Teen fights off hawk after it tries to eat her puppy

Pet parenting can be tough sometimes. While there are plenty of benefits to pet parenting, we also need to remain vigilant at all times. You simply never know when threats may lurk. Those of us who truly care for our pets will do anything to keep them safe. Some of us will even alter our homes or change our entire lifestyles to become more pet friendly.

The teen in this story was forced to make a far more serious decision, though. Any pet owner who has been forced to fight off another animal to keep their fur baby safe will relate to this story. Dog parks are a common setting for these types of fights. Some readers may have even had to separate their cats once they start brawling with each other.

What took place here is something else entirely. Cecilia Celis is from Las Vegas and what she endured was absolutely stunning. She was out one day with her Yorkshire Terrier, when a bird of prey decided to swoop down from the sky. We shudder to think of how often things like this happen. This story is being shared in hopes of helping others to avoid such fates.

A hawk came down from the sky and tried to grab the puppy away from her. While some of us might have been frozen with fear at this point in time, Cecilia Celis sprung right into action. She knew that she would have to fight the bird off herself. Otherwise, the dog would be taken away from her. This bird was not about to give up without a serious fight.

She found a cushion nearby and started striking the animal with it. The hawk was not deterred initially. It took three separate whacks from the cushion before the hawk finally gave up the pursuit and took off. This has to be a scary moment for the 15 year old and her little puppy. We can’t imagine how grateful the puppy must have been.

These incidents are more commonplace than most readers probably realize. Let’s all do our part to put a stop to these types of occurrences by sharing this story with our closest friends and loved ones. We are happy to report that the puppy and his young mother emerged from the fracas and they were no worse for the wear. Hopefully, this hawk learned a valuable lesson about keeping his talons to himself.

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