Woman Perfectly Breaks Down Grief Using ‘Ball In The Box’ Analogy On Twitter And It Goes Viral

Unless you have experienced the loss of someone you love, you will not truly understand the grieving process. Then again, even if you know how it feels for you, it can be very difficult to explain it to others.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to explaining grief is that the feelings can come and go. How do you put into words a sadness that is so profound and constantly on the move? We weren’t made to deal with that type of loss so having a clear explanation is important.

Lauren Herschel is a Twitter user who posted a thread explaining grief and it went viral. Her analogy of ‘the ball and the box’ struck a chord with many others.

Herschel’s doctor first shared how grief is triggered in the brain.

The theory says grief is a ball in a box with a pain button inside. The ball is the largest right after we experience loss, so almost any action will trigger the pain button. Eventually, the grief ball shrinks and doesn’t activate the pain button as often.

The ball may get smaller but it never fully goes away. It may also activate the pain button when you least expect it. At times, the ball may even grow larger, even though you thought it had shrunk.

It wasn’t long before others were talking about how grief has affected them.

One woman said that we all must eventually face it, so we might as well have a language for it.

Hopefully, this little word picture will help people to approach their grief in a different way.

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