Drowning Dog Desperately Hangs On For Life After Falling Into Well

Dogs like to explore and this can be a gift and a curse. While we love to see the treasures that they bring back for us, they are also bound to place themselves in some difficult positions. This owner watched in horror as their animal got themselves into the sort of jam that we all wish to avoid. Their dog had fallen into a water reservoir and could not get out.

If not for the assistance that Animal Aid Unlimited was willing to provide, we shudder to think of this dog’s fate. She would have been trapped inside of this reservoir until she passed away. This is definitely a sobering thought for all of the dog owners who like to take their pooches out for awesome adventures. We need to keep an eye on our pals!

Our four legged friends love to explore but they can get themselves into mischief. We are sure that this pet owner is definitely going to be paying closer attention to the whereabouts of their pup in the future. While this story does have a happy ending, it is still an important cautionary tale that needs to be shared with a much wider audience.

Let’s all do our part and make sure that no more pet owners have to experience this sort of sadness. We cannot imagine how scary it must be to watch your dog cling to the sides of a well. This old girl is a resilient one, for sure. She was not about to allow herself to succumb to the rushing waters and she clung with all her might.

In fact, this sad girl clung to the sides of the well until her paws became bloody. We cannot even begin to imagine the relief that she felt when the good people from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on the scene. She was able to stay afloat for several hours in the meantime. What an amazing feat of strength from such an adorable animal.

We do not wish to spoil the awesome ending of this story. If you would like to see this amazing rescue for yourself, we urge you to take a moment to check out the link below. If you are anywhere near as impressed by this rescue (and the dog’s level of courage) as we are, you are going to want to share this one with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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