Stray Puppy Followed These Travelers Home, Then They Woke Up To A Knock At Their Window

If you were to meet Spud the dog, you’d definitely agree that he’s living his best life. But that wasn’t always the case for this sweet pup. While he lives with his mom in the U.K. now, he started life out just trying to survive as a stray in Greece. Thanks to some travelers who came across the little guy on vacation, however, he’s got a home and a family that adores him now.

Facebook / Tori Velvet Rose

After his owner, Tori, started fostering him when he got to the U.K., she knew that she just couldn’t let him go. That’s why she decided to adopt him, and she’s been having a blast just being with him, traveling with the pup and even capturing his likeness in her beautiful art! Because of the people who found him in Greece, Spud will never have to worry about living on the streets again.

Facebook / Tori Ratcliffe Art

You can learn more about this brave boy’s story in the video below.

It’s amazing that even in the aftermath of horrible neglect, dogs are still so willing to let love in. We wish Spud and his mama, Tori, nothing but the best as they move forward.

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