White lion and white tiger had babies together and they’re the most adorable things ever

If you are a fan of the cult classic film Napoleon Dynamite, you might be forgiven for thinking that hybrid animals like the liger only exist in the imaginations of screenwriters. However, the liger is a very real animal and they are spectacular! Not only do ligers exist, but they also reside in the USA as we speak. These animals are a beautiful anomaly, whether they are bred by Mother Nature or they are bred on purpose.

Lions and tigers are able to create white ligers because of their similar gene pool. In many instances, the liger is bred by those who run zoo programs. One such program in South Carolina was recently home to the birth of four tiny legends. The T.I.G.E.R.S. Reserve welcomed these rarities into their family and the white male liger cubs are thought to be the first of their kind.

There are about 1,000 ligers currently in existence and these little fellows are the only ones who are white. Sampson, Apollo, Yeti and Odlin are definitely enjoying their newfound fame. According to the doctors at the reserve, they are expected to reach a height of at least ten feet. They are also expected to weigh up to 750 pounds when they are finished growing.

Uncle Hercules is the current record holder for the world’s largest liger. Since he is kin to the cubs, they are expected to surpass his length and weight when they are adults. The average liger is typically double the size of their parents. The animal sanctuary’s director is especially convinced that Yeti will be the one to set the new Guinness record.

He is already much bigger than his brothers and is growing rapidly. While some may be wondering if these ligers can be used to breed even more animals like them, their genetics have likely left them sterile. Their DNA leaves them susceptible to a host of additional issues, such as a shorter life span.

Would you like to see these amazing creatures for yourself? If so, please be sure to check out this awesome video. Uncle Hercules might be the current star of the show, but this clip gives you an idea of how large we can expect these babies to grow. We would definitely cuddle up with these adorable ligers. Have you ever seen one of these animals in real life before? If not, this is your perfect chance to find out more about these incredible animals.

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