Taco shop owner notices homeless people shivering in the parking lot, sets up free coat rack

North Texas winters can get a lot colder than most folks realize. When the temperatures start to dwindle, things become far more challenging for the homeless. They are not able to stay warm and too many people are willing to look the other way. Emilia Flores had decided to step up to the plate and give homeless people a hand this winter.

As the owner of The Taco Shop, she regularly sees the homeless sitting outside in the freezing cold. She made a very easy decision. Flores placed a rack of clothing outside of the restaurant so that people would be able to take what they needed and others could donate to the cause. Sweaters, coats, and jackets have been collected and they are free for anyone’s taking.

Flores came across the idea during a Mexican vacation and she is now going to incorporate it into her own life. She loves the idea because it allows the homeless to take what they need, without having to endure the embarrassment of asking. Some have decided to steal the clothing but she is always able to replenish her supplies.

That is because we live in a world where people are willing to help out more than you think. It is easy to say “everyone has to fend for themselves” but have you ever walked a mile in their shoes? Probably not. That is what makes this idea so special. It costs essentially nothing and yet, assistance is provided to so many who are in need.

There are a number of smaller ways to make a difference. Helping out those who are in need is not about writing a check (although that helps). Flores is trying her best to spread good cheer and help out. She knows that the nation is polarized right now and would like to serve as a bridge. We already have too many people trying to put up walls.

Please be sure to share this story with your friends and loved ones. An initiative like this one deserves plenty of attention, doesn’t it? All it takes is a little bit of effort from the rest of us to make lives easier for those who are less fortunate. Too often, we allow ourselves to lose sight of this all-important fact. Doing good deeds and paying the good deeds that are done for us forward is what it’s all about.

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