Woman Abandoned Her Dog At The Shelter With A 42-Pound Tumor

40 pounds is a lot. A three-year-old child weighs roughly that much and so does a 15-foot canoe. While this number may seem random, we are sharing it for a reason. 40 pounds is also the weight of the tumor that this dog was forced to experience. The golden retriever in this story was diagnosed with a 42-pound tumor and our heart goes out to him.

Poor Henry was not only diagnosed with a tumor but he also received a second piece of news that broke his heart. His owner was not willing to show him the same loyalty that he would show them. She took the dog to Newport Beach Animal Control. Sherri told the Newport Beach Animal Control workers that the dog was actually a stray and attempted to deny all ownership.

What kind of monster would behave in such a way? The poor dog’s tumor was so large, he could barely walk. Luckily, the facility was able to collect the necessary donations to pay for his surgery. The tumor was removed and Henry pulled through the procedure with flying colors. The dog even got to enjoy his own news conference.

As for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, they decided that they were not about to accept what Sherri had done. Her attempt to dispose of the dog and lie about it landed her in some serious hot water. She could face jail time for what she did to Henry and to be quite honest, we would not feel all that sorry for her. She has made her bed and now she must lie in it.

People have it in their heads that they can do whatever they want to an animal because they aren’t a person. However, law enforcement officials around the country are finally putting a stop to these practices. They are not going to allow people to continue treating animals this poorly and we support their efforts 100 percent.

Sherri is facing a litany of charges, including a misdemeanor count of animal neglect, interference with an active animal control investigation, failure to properly care for the animal, and animal abuse that is believed to be responsible for a lasting injury. If she is convicted of these charges, she could spend up to 2 years in prison. Please share this story to spread awareness about the legal issues that take place when you do not properly care for your pets!

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