Target Unveils Halloween Costumes For Children With Disabilities

Most children love Halloween but there are some who may find the celebration to be somewhat challenging.

The reason why that may be the case is that the majority of Halloween costumes are not created to be easily used by children with disabilities. It can lead to a disappointing situation.

Parents who have children with disabilities often overcome this issue by creating custom Halloween costumes. I’ve seen quite a few of these creations over the years and they do a really nice job. Target is stepping up to the plate this year with a new line of adaptive Halloween costumes.

They go hand in hand with the line of adaptive clothing that is already offered by Target.

The Cat & Jack line first began to incorporate adaptive pieces and sensory-friendly items into the product line in 2017. It is now possible to purchase those items for children, as well as adults at Target. Additional items were added for use around the home this spring.

The next step in this line of adaptive items is Halloween costumes. So far, there are four different costumes that can be found on the Target website and they are promising that you’ll find them in the store this fall.

Choosing a costume is one of the favorite parts of Halloween for children. When a child has a disability, it can present a challenge. Very few costumes are made for the purpose.

Thanks to some hard-working and creative parents, children with disabilities have been able to enjoy the holiday. They do a good job but it takes a lot of time.

Target wants to lend a helping hand this year. They are releasing a collection of four Halloween costumes that are adaptive. It is part of the Hyde and Eek! Boutique line. You can already see the costumes online.

The princess costume for girls includes a pink dress and crown. The back opens to make it easy to put on. The dress is also wheelchair-friendly. It is available in sizes S to L for $20.

You can also get the Princess Carriage Halloween Costume Wheelchair Cover to attach to the wheelchair. A crown cover is also available to match for $45.

A Boys’ Adaptive Pirate Halloween Costume is available with pants, vest, pirate hat, and eye patch. The back opens to make it easy to put on. It also has wide pants legs so you can easily slip it on over shoes. It is available in sizes S to L for $25

Add a Pirate Ship Halloween Costume Wheelchair Cover to the costume to take things to the next level. It comes complete with a Jolly Roger flag for $45

Sensory-friendly costumes are also available in toddler sizes 2T-3T and 4T-5T for $25. The same costumes come in kids sizes S to XXL for $30. One choice is the Adaptive Unicorn Halloween Costume that has a removable hood, wings, and tail. A hidden abdominal access opening is available in the front pocket.

Your child will look adorable in the Adaptive Plush Shark Halloween Costume with a hood, teeth and back fin. You can remove them if desired to accommodate sensitivities. Flat seams and a lack of tags, as well as abdominal access, makes it a nice choice. It’s $25 for toddlers and $30 for older kids.

Target has seen a considerable amount of success with their sensory-friendly and adaptive items so they decided to add Halloween costumes. Cat & Jack has been featuring those adaptive items since 2017. The Adaptive Long Sleeve Hooded Bodysuit in Heather Gray costs just $17.99.

Julie Guggemos, senior vice president of product design and development, had the following to say:

“We introduced Cat & Jack with the intention to keep evolving it based on what our guests need. Introducing sensory-friendly pieces is the first step – this fall, we’ll add adaptive pieces to help address the needs of children living with disabilities. This could include styles with zip-off sleeves and side openings that make dressing easier, and pieces that open in the back for those lying down or sitting.”

Target offers more than sensory-friendly clothing, they also are offering housewares. This Sensory-Friendly Water-Resistant Cocoon Seat With Machine-Washable Cover is one example and it is available for $74.99

Kristen Mezzenga, a Target spokesperson expressed the excitement of including this Halloween line:

“We’re now bringing that spirit of inclusivity to our new Hyde and Eek! Boutique kids’ adaptive Halloween costumes, which we hope will bring more ease and joy to our guests’ everyday lives. From a fun shark and unicorn to a princess and a pirate, these costumes feature thoughtful details like flat seams and no tags, helping even more kids enjoy the festivities of the fall season.”

Target is doing great by incorporating these options into its line of adaptive clothing. It is hoped that other stores follow in their footsteps.

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