Teen Dies From Eating Pork After Doctors Find Tapeworm Eggs In His Brain From Fatal Mistake

In India, a young 18-year-old man was suffering from pain in his groin when he was taken to the emergency room. He had also been suffering from seizures and was confused with swelling over his eye when he arrived at the hospital.

He was immediately treated by the physicians. After being tested and scanned, it was found that he had cysts in his groin and right eye and lesions on his brain. The doctors worked tirelessly to save his life but unfortunately, the teenager died within two weeks.

What was the cause of this problem?

The official diagnosis was a parasitic infection to the central nervous system, known as neurocysticercosis. Parasites had entered his brain and the ‘cysts’ that were found by the doctors proved to be larval cysts formed by tapeworm eggs. They formed in the brain and in other parts of his body.

Neurocysticercosis occurs when somebody eats undercooked food and consumes a tapeworm. It is a preventable infection, but this serves as a warning for anyone who enjoys eating meat:

h/t: LittleThings

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