This Company Turns Your Child’s Drawings Into Beautiful Jewelry You Can Treasure Forever

Most children really appreciate the opportunity to be creative. If you sit them at a table with crayons, colored pencils and plenty of paper, you would be amazed at their own imagination can come up with. In fact, you may even find that you are running out of refrigerator real estate for those pictures.

If you have some of the pictures that are especially precious to you, there is a way that you can keep them forever. A company is now turning the artwork of children into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

The Tasarim Takarim Studio is a two-person company based in Turkey. They have a background in the arts that include silkscreening, etching and lithography. They put those skills to good use within this jewelry business and you are not going to believe what they are able to create.

In fact, here are 12 of their amazing creations.

1. Little footprints

You will always remember how small your baby was

2. A cat

Family pets often make up the imaginative drawings of children

3. Who does your child love?

Mom and dad!

4. A self-portrait

Obviously, this child is very happy

5. Another sweet drawing

This makes for an awesome necklace

6. Beautiful butterflies

Only from the imagination of the child

7. Stick figure Rapunzel

I’m loving the skirt

8. They can even make simple drawings awesome

This reminds me of someone I know

9. A wise owl

This child has a creative streak

10. Even simple drawings

I never imagined it would be so beautiful

11. A cowboy clown?

Something left to the imagination

12. A unique drawing

Something for mom to keep. h/t:

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