Terminally Ill Child Who Loves Dogs Gets Visit From Dozens Of K-9 Units

While most would not expect a small child who is terminally ill to be all smiles for any reason, the little girl in this story found a reason to grin recently. This child is a lover of dogs and so a special visit was arranged on her behalf. The local K-9 units came to spend some time with the Wisconsin resident. As you may have expected, she was as happy as could be.

Emma was recently diagnosed with a tumor inside of her brain. The prognosis is grim. Her family is trying their best to remain supportive and they have established a Facebook page in her name. Team Emma is where the family asks for additional support. They also post various updates about her condition. Since Emma is a lover of dogs, the family asked for some help.

They asked their friends and loved ones if they would be willing to send her letters from dogs. Emma has now received tens of thousands of letters from various well wishers. Now that the letters are coming in so quickly, the family is asking for the letters to be sent as Facebook posts now. Now, she is receiving an even bigger surprise, as dozens of real dogs pay her a visit.

The police dogs were also very happy to see her. Over 30 police departments allowed their dogs to participate. We cannot believe that she got so many dogs to come see her. It is great to see the community rallying around her like this. Emma’s family is beyond grateful to everyone who showed up and they issued a “thank you” to all of the officers on the Team Emma page.

The family is also welcoming any assistance that can be provided when it comes to the child’s medical expenses. She is in for a long and difficult battle. Any funds that can be provided will be most helpful. Those who are not able to donate can still offer assistance by posting photos of their beautiful dogs on the Team Emma Facebook page.

We wish this little girl all of the best going forward. It is not going to be easy for her or her family but they are trying their very best. Please be sure to pass this story along to raise awareness about Emma and her family’s plight. Take a moment to check out the clip below as well.

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