Meet Jonathan, The Oldest-Known Animal In The World

Jonathan the tortoise is currently the world’s oldest animal and you will be stunned to learn just how old she is. Can you believe that this tortoise has been in existence since 1832? That’s quite the length of time, isn’t it? This old fellow sure has seen a lot. There weren’t even light bulbs or cars when he was born. Now, he resides in the South Atlantic. He has been living in the same location since the latter half of the 1800s.

The local SPCA helps to take care of him. He gets lots and lots of fresh veggies each week. Jonathan even gets to live at the governor’s mansion. He is considered an icon here and is treated with all of the respect that a gentleman of his age deserves. He has seen a lot of people come and go but he maintains the same demeanor. Of course, there are lots of people who are surprised by his longevity.

There are other elderly tortoises at this mansion but none of them can match up to him, age wise. His best pal, David, is 80 years old. It is crazy to think that Jonathan was already over 100 years old when his buddy was first born. It is believed that Jonathan is completely blind now. It does not stop from having as much fun as possible.

He spends a lot of time out in the sun. Jonathan loves to lounge in the sun rays, eat lots of grass and spend time with all of his buddies. This is the sort of calm life that you would expect any senior citizen to enjoy. Jonathan is certainly no different. This tortoise is so famous on this island, his likeness is even printed on the back of their coins.

The five pence coin features a photo of Jonathan and we are absolutely tickled pink with the way that he is treated. It is always nice to see elders getting their proper respect, whether they are humans or tortoise. He is considered to be a royal on this island. He moves in the same sort of dignified manner that you would expect a king to have.

Jonathan loves all of his friends and caretakers the same but those who bring him his favorite snacks do get precedence, of course. Please be sure to share this amazing story with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible!

h/t: TheDodo

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