Phone Company Suspends Worker For Using Work Equipment To Rescue Cat

When a cat recently found themselves stuck at the top of a telephone pole, they did not know what was going to happen. Fortunately, there was a kindly worker from the local phone company who was willing to help. Now, this worker is facing punishment from his employer for this controversial decision. Maurice German was working in a Pennsylvania neighborhood on behalf of Verizon at the time.

Momma the cat was stuck on top of a Port Richmond telephone pole for some time. Local residents asked Maurice if he would be able to assist the cat. According to reports, the cat spent 12 hours atop the telephone pole before Maurice was finally able to remove her. The neighbors had tried their best to rescue the cat without his help but they did not have very much luck.

Maurice, on the other hand, was able to utilize the boom lift in the truck to rescue the animal with ease. You would think that he would be commended for his efforts. His coworkers definitely seemed to feel that way. Verizon did not see it in the same manner. They decided that the man should be suspended from work for 15 days, citing unsafe usage of equipment.

The company believes that the equipment should only be used for the task at hand but ignores the fact that he was merely trying to help. It was not as if he was using the boom lift for horseplay. The company claims that they are only punishing the man because it is the right decision but we are a bit dubious on that one. The man was simply punished for bending the rules.

At times, the rules need to be bent, though. Why should this cat have had to suffer, just so that Verizon can feel as if their precious rules are being followed? The spokespeople even admitted that the man’s goal was an admirable one. The local community is now rallying around the man. They have set up a Go Fund Me page to raise the funds that he will be losing.

Two pages have been setup and they have both exceeded their goals. This is great news! After all, Maurice does not deserve to lose out on three weeks of pay because something this minor in the grand scheme of things. Let’s hope that no more good men have to be punished for this lesson to get across.

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