Video Of Cruise Ship Caught In Serious Storm Goes Viral

When this Viking Sky cruise ship recently came across a major storm, the passengers never could have been able to expect what would happen next. The video that has been released in the wake of the incident is absolutely terrifying and it is tough to watch. It looks like something out of the trailer for the umpteenth movie about apocalyptic storms (you know, the same one they make every summer without fail).

The stricken ship was rescued eventually, though. All of the passengers inside were taken to safety as quickly as possible. We cannot begin to imagine just how afraid they were, however. No cruise ship passenger should ever have to go through this. Just looking at the footage is enough to give us some serious nightmares. One of the passengers called it a tornado of sorts.

We cannot believe that everyone managed to stay so calm during the rescue. It had to be tough to remain composed at a time like that. We would have been yelling to the heavens and praying for help at that point. Kudos to these passengers for not losing their cool and allowing the rescue team to handle the task at hand. This footage may be rough for some to watch.

It is not always easy to watch videos of other human lives in peril…that is for sure. Fortunately, this story comes with a happy ending but we fear that stories like these will only become more and more commonplace. Now that the weather is changing, it seems like these types of storms are happening often. There are still some passengers and crew members who remain aboard in the meantime as well.

Let’s all do our part to make sure that they are okay by sending them our thoughts and prayers. This is the sort of vacation that they would like to forget. Too bad Mother Nature did not feel like complying with their wishes. It is hard to believe that there were well over 1,000 passengers aboard this ship when the storm first took place.

If you would like to see this terrifying video for yourself, we urge you check out the link below. This is the sort of video that people will have to see in order to believe. Take a moment to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones as well. They are definitely going to want to see this one for themselves.

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