Terminally Ill Man Has One Final Wish – To Find His Dogs A Good Home

Although we may receive some bad news in our life, one of the most devastating is when we are told that our days are numbered. When a doctor gives us this news, it may affect us in different ways. More than likely, we would react with a little shock but from that point, our thoughts may go in different directions.

Bobby Lynn Brockman is a man who was given this news. After being told that he was dying, he immediately started to think about others. Rather than focusing on his own needs, he was concerned about his ‘kids’ and what would happen to them.

The prostate cancer that Bobby had was in remission for about a year but then it returned. At that point, it had metastasized to his bones and his mouth. As a result of his cancer, he had his tongue surgically removed. He also underwent 12 rounds of chemotherapy and 110 radiation treatments. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to help.

Bobby said, “there is no cure for it, there is no cure. They sent me home with pain medication and gave me a hospital bed.”

Now that Bobby is aware he is dying from cancer, he wants his kids to have a brighter future. When he’s talking about his kids, he actually means his dogs.

“Those dogs are like family to me. They’re my kids,” he said. “They adopted me more than I adopted them.”

Bobby does not have a wife and he lives alone. That is to say, he does not live with any humans. He has three little dogs and four large dogs and they are the most important things in his life.

One of his larger dogs just had puppies and the other one is due to have puppies.

He said his small dogs will be there till he dies. He hopes, however, that the puppies and his larger dogs will find a good home.

“It would mean everything in the world to know they’re going to be happy and have someone love them and take care of them.”

Bobby’s final wish did not fall on deaf ears. It was heard by Adopt a Rescue Friend, who has come to make his wish come true.

“We’ve got to find a way to help him, we’ve just got to,” Karen Wakefield from the organization said. “We just want to help him have some peace of mind and be at peace.”

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