He Pastes 7,000 Matches Into A Birthday Cake, But Watch When He Lights Them All On Fire

HTD is a popular YouTube user and fans of his account will be glad to hear that he is back once again. This set up is bound to attract some attention and this is certainly one of the most unique birthday cakes that we have ever had the privilege of seeing. We have never seen this many matches in our entire lives and we cannot believe that this man has managed to pull off such a stunt.

The painstaking effort that was needed to construct this cake has made it quite a sight to behold. If you are anything like us, then you probably cannot wait to find out as much as possible about how the lighting of these matches worked out for all parties involved. Can you believe it took all of 45 seconds for the top layer of matches to catch on fire?

Once the top layer of fire has had a chance to spread to the bottom layers, the entire cake takes on an appearance that has to be seen in order to be believed. The fire was created in a safe environment and no one was harmed during the making of this clip. However, you will get to see the amazing footage from when the embers first started to die down.

The view from above is truly astonishing and we wonder how long it took this resourceful YouTube star to plan this video. We would like to take this time to remind our readers that this is a very dangerous stunt that they will not want to attempt to duplicate at home. In addition to the issues that can be caused by the presence of the flames, there are also various fumes that need to be considered.

We do not wish to spoil the entire video for our viewers ahead of time, though, and we urge you to take a moment to check out this amazing clip for yourself. We envy the people who get to enjoy a cake like this one on their birthday and if you are someone who is fascinated by massive confectionery treats AND the presence of open flames? This is definitely the video for you.

A video like this is best appreciated in a group setting, so don’t be shy about passing it along to all of your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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