The National Weather Service Issued Their Outlook For Summer And It’s Gonna Be Brutal

It seems as if the summer weather has shown up a little bit earlier than usual this year. Most of us have begun to experience it already and if the recent forecasts are any indication, we are in for lots more of it.

The Climate Prediction Center from the National Weather Service has now given their outlook for the summer months of June, July and August. Every area of the United States is under the same forecast, and none of them can expect cooler than average summers.

The east and the west coast are going to experience hotter than normal weather according to the latest forecast. In addition, the southern United States will experience similar weather.

Exceptionally hot temperatures are more likely to be experienced during the summer months in the Northeast and anyplace west of the Rocky Mountains.

The middle of the country may be able to escape extended bouts of extreme heat but is still likely to experience the hot weather that the summer typically brings.

In addition to heat, a wetter summer is more likely to be a problem in most areas.

From the plains into the northern Rocky Mountains, more rain than usual is likely to occur.

Another area that may be hard-hit by wet weather includes the majority of the southeast and the mid-Atlantic states. The wet weather is likely to stretch westward into the Midwest and Texas.

Perhaps one of the most notable features of the 2019 summer forecast is that there is no area in the United States that is expecting dryer or cooler than average conditions.

To put it plainly, everybody is going to be a little hotter and wetter between the months of June and August.

I guess there’s something to be said for the dog days of summer:

If it seems as if we have been experiencing hotter, wetter summers, you are correct. 2019 is just an addition to the recent summers with those same forecasts.

The fourth hottest summer on record in the United States occurred in 2018. In 2016, just two years prior, the fifth hottest season on record occurred.

2014 was the last time the United States experienced a summer with close to average temperatures. It occurred because of some exceptionally cold air that took place in the majority of the country. If you happen to live on the West Coast or in Florida, you were still hot that year.

If you are looking for a summer with cooler than average temperatures, you will have to look back a decade to the summer of 2009. Even that was an unusual summer compared to the past 20 years or so, with only three of those years being cooler than average.

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