UNO confirms you cannot stack +4 or +2 cards and the internet is having a meltdown

UNO is one of the more popular card games and although millions of people play it, there are still some questions in regards to the rules. One of those questions was if you could Stack +4 or +2 cards but now the official word is out. A statement was released by UNO on twitter that verified you cannot Stack +4 or +2 cards. The Internet is in full meltdown.

In other words, when somebody puts a +4 card down, you have the option of either skipping your turn or drawing four cards.

If you play the game regularly, you will know that one of the more popular strategies is stacking +4 and +2 cards. It is one of the ways that many people have gotten to the point where they arrogantly proclaim “UNO” for the world to hear.

Now that it is officially breaking the rules, the Internet is coming out in full force.

To sum things up, the official rules apparently don’t matter and you can go ahead and stack all of the +4 and +2 cards you desire. As long as nobody’s looking at the rulebook, does it really matter?

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