Therapy Dog Wins Award For Comforting Children In Court

Who wants to end up in a court of law, fighting for their freedom or testifying against the parties responsible for your pain and suffering? While no adult wants to end up in court for any reason, these cases are even worse when small children find themselves involved.

Rasta is a therapy dog who works with children who find themselves in these sorts of adverse situations. Spending time in a court of law can be scary for anyone and children are often terrified in these settings. That’s where Rasta comes in handy. He knows that these children are experiencing a serious trauma and he is able to provide them with much-needed cuddles.

He’s a good boy, isn’t he? This four year old old performs a very important public service. We do not always stop to think about the effect of court cases on children, especially those who have experienced trauma in the past. It can be tough for the children to share the details about what has taken place. Rasta offers them the assistance that they need.

Without his help, it would be far more difficult for these little ones to recount the traumas that they have gone through. Now, he is being given an award to commemorate all of his hard work. Rasta recently assisted two young girls who were summoned to court to testify about the sexual abuse that they had experienced. This trying task was made much easier, thanks to his presence.

Dogs like Rasta also fulfill an important legal function. It is much easier to bring abusers to justice when their victims are able to accurately recount their version of events. It can be tough for investigators to elicit the necessary information and put abusers behind bars. Thanks to Rasta, their job is being made much easier.

The truth must be told and investigators work tirelessly to make sure that the trauma children experience is reduced. We are glad to see Rasta receiving awards for all of his hard work. Hopefully, other dogs who are responsible for assisting children who are asked to testify in a court of law can receive their just desserts as well. Please be sure to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. These dogs deserve all of the love and recognition possible. They play a very important role in the justice system!

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