Cats See Each Other Through Window And Fall In Love So Owners Setup A Date

Simon is the type of cat who is fine hanging out alone. He’s not the sort of animal that likes to hang out in packs. He resides at a cat cafe in Los Angeles but still remains elusive. Crumbs & Whiskers is happy to have him nonetheless. “He’s definitely used to other animals,” says Simon’s mother Mackenzie. However, he does not like to play with the other animals at this location.

Fair enough, right? Simon’s whole outlook was changed forever recently, though. A special lady came into his life and is causing him to rethink everything. Mackenzie noticed that Simon was whining one morning while she was in bed. He was trying to converse with the neighbor’s cat. According to Mackenzie, she’s lived in this residence for two years without seeing the other animal.

When Simon saw the other cat, it was love at first sight. He did not know if the girl that he liked was into him, though. This is easy for any of us to relate to. We’ve all had crushes and wondered if they liked us back. Unfortunately, Simon could not send her a note with yes, no or maybe check boxes. He was going to have to woo her the old fashioned way.

The other cat was not really paying Simon any mind, despite all of his best efforts. He just wanted the girl to notice him, dang it. All he could was jump up and down and hope for the best. Mackenzie had never seen Simon act like this before. Like any good friend, she decided that she would serve as his wing man. She taped a sign to the window, inspired by Taylor Swift.

The sign asked for the cat’s name and the neighbors responded soon after. The object of his affection is named Theo. Since they always saw Simon at the window and did not know his name, they called him Chester instead. Theo might like Simon back a little bit but this cat is still going to be playing hard to get in the meantime.

It’s a story as old as time, isn’t it? Simon is going all out to get Theo’s attention. Meanwhile, Theo throws him a crumb of attention every so often to keep him hanging on. Mackenzie shared the story on Twitter and the Internet went nuts. It turns out that Simon’s is very easy to relate to. A meet and greet have since been set up and we wish Simon all of the best!

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