There’s A Hotel In Bali Lets You Play With Puppies And It’s Only $35 A Night

Paradise and puppies together in one location – no place like this exists on Earth, right? Wrong! 

Now you don’t have to wait to die to enjoy an exotic destination along with all the puppy cuddles you could want – instead, you can just hop on a flight to Bali. The Puri Garden Hotel and Hostel in Ubud has a decent pool, yoga sessions, a hearty bar, live music, Balinese dancing, and “puppy therapy” on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

That means that twice a week you can play with cute little puppies until your heart’s content.

The prices vary depending on whether you want a private room or a dorm. Regardless, the cheapest rate will only cost you about $35 per night – which is a bargain when you consider you get to play with puppies! 

Plus, the online reviews have been pretty positive. 

One person wrote, “Puri is one of the nicest hostels I’ve ever stayed in. From a spotlessly clean pool area, to massive double beds in the dorm rooms, to wonderful free brekkie and afternoon massages, it’s the sort of place you keep extending your stay! Oh and yes, the rescued puppies they bring to the pool some afternoons for ‘puppy therapy’ are so cute and a great way to support the local rescue shelter.”

But if you’re in the mood for something more exotic, you can opt for a secluded tree top. The tree house is called ‘Rumah Pohon’ and it is in Nusa Penida on the island of Bali in Indonesia. It offers staggeringly idyllic views of the blue sea from the cliffs.

The badly translated description of the property reads: 

“In this tree house all your childhood dreams embodied in a miracle. Imagine waking up from sleep accompanied clean air, the sound of birdsong, and the smell of fresh trees. Moreover, coupled with a panoramic view of the sea, sunrise and sunset are certainly amazing In Indonesia, now your dream can be realised because we have found exotic tree house that you can stay.”

Be right back, booking my flights now.

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