Man Asks Chewy For A Refund On Pet Food After Dog Passes Away, Gets A Painting Instead

Losing a pet is the same as losing a family member. Anyone who would disagree has clearly never experienced the joys of pet-parenthood. And thankfully, there is always someone out there who understands what you’re going through when the unfortunate happens.

For Joseph Inabnet of Falls Church, Virginia, that sympathy and support came from a very unlikely place. He went on Facebook to explain how in October, he had to put his beloved pug Bailey to sleep. Like many older dogs, she was on a prescription dog food, which Inabnet had to order online through a store called Chewy. 

Inabnet decided to reach out to Chewy to see if he could return a 70% bag of unopened food. Chewy returned Inabnet his money, but told him to donate the food to a local shelter instead. While that was already a very kind gesture, Inabnet didn’t expect to receive a package from Chewy a few days later. 

Much to his surprise, Chewy had sent him a card plus an oil painting of Bailey. 

The card read:

“It’s hard to say goodbye to a loved one. They will always be remembered and cherished. Pet come into our lives, leave paw prints on our hearts and we are forever changed. We’re sending lots of love and positive thoughts. If you ever need anything, we’re always here. Warmly, The Chewy Family.” 

Not surprisingly, Inabnet was deeply touched by the thoughtfulness of the gift. He went on Facebook to share photos. His post has since received over 80,000 shares and 4,000 comments.

Inabnet wrote:

“If anyone has ever dealt with, they probably know just how wonderful their customer service is. But today, it went to the next level. I had to put my Bailey down in October. She had been on prescription dog food, and I had a brand new unopened bag (about $70). I asked Chewy if I could return it. They told me to donate it instead, and they returned my money. GREAT customer service; right? IT GETS BETTER!! Today, completely out of the blue, I received from the card and painting below. I have also provided picture of Bailey that I must have uploaded to Chewy at some time. This is a real oil painting, and the artist, Sharon LaVoie Lamb, did an amazing job. I don’t know how to make something go viral, but deserves recognition for their outstanding attention to detail and customer service.” 

Chewy saw the post and added: 

“It is truly our pleasure and honor to be here for you and your family, Joseph. We can’t thank you enough for sharing Chewy love all around. We hope that the portrait was able to bring some comfort to your home and may fond memories of your beloved Bailey warm your heart always. Please know that Bailey will always have a special place in our hearts. If you need anything at all, even just someone to talk to, we’ll always be here for you.”

Facebook users also loved the thought that went into the gift, with many people applauding the company. 

“Chewy is amazing and wow this is beyond beautiful,” one person posted. “I’m sorry for your loss of your beloved dog.”

Another person added, “That’s awesome. A company that thinks beyond taking your money.”

Other users shared similar stories of their experiences with the company.

“They are amazing,” a commenter wrote. “I ordered wrong stuff before… my mistake. They also told me to donate it to dog shelter which I did and they refunded me. They are amazing I use them a lot!”  

If anyone has ever dealt with, they probably know just how wonderful their customer service is. But today, it…

Posted by Joseph Inabnet on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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