There’s A Life-size Inflatable Speed Boat For Those Who Can’t Afford The Real Thing

When the summertime arrives, most of us are more than happy to put the winter days behind us. It’s time to get out and enjoy the warm weather with friends and family. During the winter months, we crave outdoor activities in the sunshine, particularly splashing around in the water just to stay cool.

There is a laundry list of items that can help to make our time in the water just a little bit better. They include decorative coolers, trending swimwear and perhaps even a pool float. More than likely, you feel equipped to get out and enjoy the warm weather but sometimes, something pops up on the radar that is just too good to ignore. Amazon has something this year that is going to be a must for your summer fun.

It’s time to put away your ‘ordinary’ pool floats and take things to the next level with the Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Party Island. It is a giant pool lounger that is a replica of a speedboat. It’s the perfect chance for anybody who wants to enjoy a speedboat but may be living on a dinghy budget.

The Bay Breeze lounger can hold up to six people, so you don’t have to chill on your own when you are in the water. There’s plenty of room to enjoy yourself with five of your friends and plenty of adult beverages.

As you can see in the picture, the six-person limit is not pushing the edges of comfort. There’s a lot of room for everyone to stretch out and relax. There is even an inflatable bench seat so you can sit comfortably while you are on board.

Out in front of the speedboat raft are two seats so you can enjoy some time out front with a friend. Imagine the Instagram pictures that can be taken! There is even a swim platform on the back of the raft so you can get on and off without any problem.

If it isn’t enough that this life-size inflatable speedboat has many of the amenities of an actual speedboat, it even has openings that resemble windows. Perhaps our favorite (and soon to be your favorite) part of the boat is the built-in cooler that also doubles as a seating area. You can keep your beverages cold for hours! Since there are 8 cup holders for six people, the math works in your favor.

There are many ways to enjoy your summer but when you add The Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Party Island, you will be living large. The measurements are 20′ x 10′ x 3′ tall and the boat weighs about 60 pounds.

Some of the questions asked on Amazon help to fill in the gaps. It takes about 20 minutes to fully inflate the float and then you can spend hours on it in the sun. It also was given a 3.5-star rating, so it seems as if people love it.

The product description on Amazon reads: Whether you want to ride, play, or lounge, this mega-sized float is right for you. It’s large enough for the whole family–kids and adults will enjoy fun in the sun together. The float includes an inflated rear swim platform with five handles for easy mounting and dismounting, eight cup holders and a built-in cooler. An inflatable bench seat provides comfortable seating for plenty of friends to hang out. You can use it on land or water, as poolside furniture, on your patio or deck–any location.

The simple to use safety valve makes inflating and deflating fast and easy, allowing you to inflate to your desired comfort level. The inflatable float is the perfect way to combine big relaxation and big recreation in your backyard swimming pool, lake, bay or even on the lawn.

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