Woman Wants To Cut Best Friend Out Of Her Life For ‘Stealing’ The Baby Name She’s Been Saving

A woman posted to reddit, asking if she would be wrong to severe ties with a friend who “stole” a particular baby name she planned to name her future child.

The subject has been seen on several popular TV series. We’ve seen it happen in Sex & the City , and of course the whole George Costanza’s “Seven” diatribe.

People sometimes get a little crazy when it comes to baby names, particularly if you’re a person that has been dreaming of parenthood since forever. People take the naming of children very seriously, since it’s a big decision that’ll affect the child for the rest of their life. In fact, there have been tons of books written on the subject and even different philosophies about how names can affect the course of your life.

However, there are some people who take the naming of children to a whole new level and become deeply emotionally attached to a potential baby name. 

The woman who wrote the reddit post had planned on using a name suggested by her mother, to name a future child of hers. It was a very unique name that not only represented the poster’s relationship with her mom, but where her mom came from as well. 

The name had an extra special meaning for the woman following the death of her mother, which makes her friend’s actions a bit worse. 

When OP found out her friend was pregnant, she was obviously very excited for her friend. The two quickly began to discuss baby names. Her friend asked the OP if she had any names in mind for her future children, and that’s when the OP shared the name story with her friend. 

Following the conversation, the narrator of the reddit post was browsing through Facebook, when she came across her friend’s sonogram, along with a pregnancy announcement that included a name. The OP’s heart was crushed when she realized that the friend – whom she’d told her story to in confidence – had decided to go with the name she’d planned to give her future daughter. 

The reddit poster then confronted her friend about the name theft and asked if she would reconsider naming her child the special name, but she didn’t. In fact, her friend’s reaction made the reddit poster wonder if she even cared about their friendship. 

According to the reddit OP, her friend said she was going to use the name regardless, and added that because she got pregnant first, she would get to use whatever name she wanted. And to add insult to injury, the OP said her friend added that “it’s just a name” so she shouldn’t get upset over it.

The poster was gutted by her friend’s betrayal and decision not to respect her feelings on the subject. And what was worse, was she had to find out about the name theft via a Facebook post. 

After asking the reddit community if she would be in the wrong for ending her friendship as a result, a surprising majority of her the people posting seemed to take her side on the subject. 

Most of them felt that the her “BFF” was pretty sneaky to take the name but then not tell her, and worse, not apologize when confronted.

What do you think? Is the reddit user in the right? Or was that a really petty thing for the OP to get upset over? Tell us your thoughts. 

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