This Brave Motorcyclist Saved The Life Of An Injured Bald Eagle

Dandon Miller is much like the rest of us, in the sense that he has a favorite shirt. While the black and red flannel that he loves so much has gotten him through a number of days, he never could have expected that it would save a life. He was on his way back from Philadelphia during Memorial Day when traffic began to slow down. After a few moments, he realized that the issue was being caused by an injured animal.

A bald eagle was trapped in the middle of the roadway. The poor animal could not remove themselves, even after they were given a gentle nudge by a person nearby. Miller knew that he would have to step up. He loves animals dearly and he could not bear to see the bald eagle in such pain. He wanted to help but the eagle’s talons gave him a moment of pause.

Dandon was stunned to find that the animal was willing to be helped. He slipped the flannel over the animal and wrapped it around her. “I picked her up and she was very calm,” Dandon says. Of course, people could not resist taking pictures. This caused the bald eagle some distress. Miller did what he could to keep her sane in the meantime, however.

He was able to remove the bald eagle and from there, it was time to call 911. Once this crucial step had been completed, Miller got in contact with Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research. It took 45 minutes for the rescue team to arrive and he had to hold the bird the entire time. The process seemed to go by more quickly than he had expected it to. The minutes passed by in the blink of an eye.

All he wanted to do was make sure that the animal remained calm. Dandon let the bird know that she was safe, secure and not in any form of danger. She seemed to realize that the man was there to help. This was an amazing moment for Dandon. He could not believe that the animal was willing to remain calm. The rescue has provided the animal with the necessary treatment and they should be able to return to the wild soon.

The animal suffered a mild eye injury, some soft tissue damage, but no broken bones, according to the Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research. She is expected to make a complete recovery and those who are looking to assist other animals like her are urged to offer a helpful donation to the good folks at Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research.

H/T: The Dodo

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