This Vet Clinic Will Pay You To Cuddle Cats All Day

This story probably seems too good to be true, right? After all, how could a job like this one possibly even exist? If this is your dream job, it is time to wake up and make it a reality. On the off chance that it is not your dream job, it is now. You can actually get paid to cuddle up with cats. Be sure to put in that application as soon as possible.

We are sure that these positions are going to be filled up rather quickly. There is one catch that we neglected to mention. You are going to have to leave the United States. The position is being filled in Ireland. The Just Cats Clinic is responsible for this job posting. If you have ever dreamed of living in Dublin, this is your chance to find the perfect job at your next home.

It is important for applicants to take the time to read over their applications as carefully as possible. The applicant that they are searching for has the softest hands, hands that are made to cuddle cats for extended periods of time. Some of the cats need to have their nerves soothed as well. An applicant must be able to function as a “cat whisperer” of sorts.

Those who are able to understand the different purrs of each cat are also urged to apply. These skills may not have seemed marketable before but now we realize how fortunate we are. This whole time we have been deciphering purrs for free! Everything at this location is specifically designed to assist cats. Felines have never been able to live so well.

There are even waiting areas where dogs are not allowed. This is a great touch, as there are a number of nervous cats. Each staff member is hired at this clinic because they offer very specific qualifications. They believe that each cat has their own distinct personality. This is the bedrock principle that the entire clinic is based on and we love their mentality.

It would be nice if more clinics emulated this strategy going forward. The welfare of these animals is always considered and our hearts have grown three times in size since we found out about this location. Please be sure to share this incredible job opportunity with all of your friends and loved ones as soon as possible! They are sure to appreciate everything that this clinic has to offer.

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