Tiny Puppy Was Thrown Away With The Trash And Thought Nobody Would Find her

This story takes place in the city of Baltimore and will tug at your heartstrings. The helpful citizen in this tale happened to hear a strange noise when they walked past a Dumpster one day.

Lots of people would have carried on and kept walking without a care in the world. The tiny cry made this Good Samaritan stop dead in their tracks, though. When they stopped to take a closer look inside of the Dumpster, they were absolutely stunned by what they saw. There was a tiny dog, calling out for help. The five-week-old puppy’s entire body was covered in wounds.

The helpless animal was shivering cold and completely terrified. The puppy was taken to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter to see if they could help out. By the time the puppy arrived, she could barely open her eyes. From the looks of it, the puppy had been attacked by a different animal and was tossed aside soon after.

Why someone would throw a wounded dog into a Dumpster is beyond us. There are plenty of organizations that are more than willing to help out when needed. This type of behavior is not acceptable under any circumstances. The poor puppy would need a great deal of care before she would be ready for adoption. Dana Hersl manages the emergency department at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter and she volunteered for the job.

Hootie & the Blowfish’s smash hit single “I Only Wanna Be With You” happened to come on the radio during the initial drive home. Dana took this as a sign and decided that she would name the dog Hootie. Once her injuries started to heal, she was able to live the life that she deserved.

As her strength increased, she became more and more energetic. She’s become close friends with the family cat and Dana’s six-year-old son also loves Hootie. Her true personality is finally being given the chance to shine through. Now that she is almost healed, she will be given the chance to find a forever home. Contact the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter if you’d like to offer a donation or are interested in adopting her.

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