Unlock Your Car Door In Seconds With A Simple Piece Of String

One of the most frustrating things we can have happen to us is to lock our keys in the car. It typically happens when we are in a rush. We lock the door, shut it and within a split second, we realize we locked our keys inside. It can happen any number of different ways but it leaves us in the same situation, needing to get in our car without a key.

The thought of calling a locksmith might cross your mind but you might as well plan on waiting a while for them to arrive. Once they do arrive, you will have to cough up plenty of dough to get the door open or replace the lock. If you find yourself in this situation, you aren’t without options.

A YouTuber named Mr. LAVA uploaded a video in 2016 showing how to use a string to unlock your car door in only 30 seconds. The video went viral and it has over 19 million views. Don’t have string? You can even use a shoelace.

Grab a 2-meter length of string or a shoelace to get started. Make a slipknot in the middle of the string.

Making a slipknot is not difficult. You just make a loop, pull the right side over the left…

Next, pull the right strand under and through the loop.

Now you have just created a slipknot.

Slide the string in at the upper corner of the car door. You want the loop to be seen inside through the window. Hold onto both ends of the string for easy maneuvering.

Even though Mr. LAVA makes this look easy, it does take practice.

When the loop is over the lock, pull both ends to grab the lock and pull it open.

This is easy with the old-style locks but if you have a newer-style, it takes more practice. Grab a coat hanger, untwist it and push it between the window and weather stripping. Move it around until you find the locking mechanism.

Use your phone look up the exact location for your car, unless you also locked your phone in the car.

People love this idea. Better yet, it really works. Here are some comments from the video:

“Legit, this worked on my 2008 Dodge Magnum. Had to pry the corner of the door so it’s bent slightly, took an hour, but it worked.”

“It works! I did it this morning, it only last 2 min for me to hook the lock button. Thanks alot [sic]”

“I literally did this, this morning. It fricken works. Lol. Took me like 4 tries. Make ur look tight to get the pull when you initially tug it.”

Watch how to do it here:

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