UPS Guy Shares Photos Of Every Dog He Meets On His Route

When it comes to dogs, it can often seem as if they are everyone’s friend. In fact, dogs seem to get along with just about anyone that they meet. The only people that we ever see having problems with dogs tend to be the folks responsible for delivering our packages and mail. The UPS driver in this story is well aware of that conception and is here to change it.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, the 30-year-old said: “My old route, which was more families, the dogs did not like you.

“They moved me to a different area of town with more people my age, more single people, and the dogs were a lot friendlier. They come to the door and are happy and let you pet them and stuff.”

He is now sharing photos of his doggy pals! He delivers for UPS in New Orleans and appears to be a bit of a dog whisperer. Thanks to his awesome pictures, he now has over 30,000 followers on Instagram. We are glad to see that he is sharing these encounters with the rest of the world. He goes by the name Mr. Hardesty and describes himself as being “easily entertained”.

Speaking to Mashable, he said: “There’s a lot of dogs on my route. I came across a really cute one and took a picture with him.

“I posted it and got a lot of good feedback and realised people wanted more of that, so I started taking pics of the dogs I came across.”

The man says that he wanted to befriend the dogs on his old route but that they were not friendly enough. He credits being moved to his new route for his newfound lease on life. The dogs on this route tend to be much friendlier. Mr. Hardesty says that the new route has more single people to mingle with and this is one of the many reasons why these animals are so much happier to see him these days.

The people on this route are also more in his age group, which also helps. When he took a random photo of one of the cute dogs on his route, he did not expect the picture to take on a life of its own. At this time, he realized that there were a number of people who would love to see such photos on a regular basis. Mr. Hardesty now considers himself a friend to the dogs that the meets.

As you can see, they are more than happy to pose alongside of him. He does not want to flood the Instagram timelines of his followers with excessive photos, though. The thoughtful man only posts his pictures on Fridays. This allows him to create a massive backlog of adorable dog photos. Every pooch gets the chance to have their very own moment in the sun.

We are honored to provide you with access to such a positive corner of the Internet. In a world where it can seem like we are exposed to the worst possible people every time we log into social media, it is great to see a man who is dedicated to showing people the softer side of life.

h/t: LadBible

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/jhardesty

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