Wounded Dog Limps To Hospital After Escaping Kidnappers

Silla is a young German shepherd who has had a very difficult existence. He was residing in northern Turkey, before being kidnapped at the tender age of nine months old. Serdar Keskindir is his owner and he was devastated to find that his dog had been taken away from him. He announced that there would be a cash reward for anyone who could give him the dog back.

As soon as this news started to spread, the attackers brought the animal back. Silla was happy to be home but unfortunately, a group of stray dogs launched their own attack. He was badly injured as a result. However, he did not allow this attack to change his spirit. He kept the same fighting spirit that he has always had. The video footage you are about to see is truly incredible.

The wounded dog simply refused to succumb to his injuries. The dog even managed to drag himself through hospital gates as he sought help. The doctors were able to help him and he’s got his own resilience to thank for that. It is amazing that such a young dog already knows where to go to get help in a crisis situation like this one.

The hospital staff also filmed another video of the dog that will touch your heart. The dog had to wait before receiving assistance and did not allow these circumstances to change his demeanor. He is more than happy to sit and wait for the professionals to handle his injuries. Luckily, Serdar finally found his dog at the hospital and the two were reunited.

We are sure that they wish it was under better circumstances but all’s well that ends well, right? As you can imagine, this dog owner was very proud of his pet. There are not many dogs who could survive this type of attack without any help. We are amazed by Silla’s level of courage and hope that he is never forced to experience this type of ordeal again.


Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

If you would like to check out video clips of Silla at the hospital, be sure to take a closer look at the link below. This is the type of story that certainly needs to be passed along to friends and family members as well. Sila’s bravery deserves to be appreciated by the widest possible audience. Please do not hesitate to share this amazing story with all of the dog lovers in your life!

h/t: ILoveMyDogSoMuch

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