Vets Didn’t Think Two-Legged Puppy Would Survive, But Now He’s Proven Everyone Wrong

When Nubby first arrived at the vet’s office, the prognosis was a rather grim one: they recommended that the dog be euthanized right away. Since he did not have front legs, even the simplest of tasks were quite challenging. His mother was not ready to give up on him but she was finding it difficult to get him to eat. Nubby could not push through the other puppies to obtain milk.

The two legged puppy would soon find a new friend that was also unwilling to give up on him. Lou and her husband decided that they would take him in. They were even ready to do all of the research necessary to make his life comfortable. Nubby received regular bottle feedings and he slowly started to thrive. He found his voice and slowly started to develop.

Lou has been working tirelessly as a animal rights activist for years now. She also teaches others how to care for their animals in a more compassionate way. Nubby even developed a esophageal abnormality while he was in Lou’s care and she stuck by him every step of the way. While it should resolve as he ages, she is keeping a close eye on things.

As long as Nubby has a chance to enjoy a high quality of life, Lou is determined to do everything in her power to give it to him. This family has fallen head over heels in love with their newest addition. Nubby is only getting stronger as he ages and he is silencing all of the skeptics. We are beyond thrilled to see how things have turned out for him.

With the help of his family, he was able to overcome the obstacles that he faced. Lou gave him the sort of life that most dogs in his position could only dream of. He rose to the occasion and showed that all anyone ever needs a chance. Nubby has grown up right before their eyes and now, he is one of the most handsome boys in all the land.

He gets to spend his days with family and he loves to play outside. While the vet’s office may not have thought much of Nubby, Lou was able to prove their initial prognosis wrong. They even provided him with a customized wheelchair that allows him to scoot around like all of the other dogs. Please share this story with your friends and loved ones. Lou deserves kudos for the effort that she put in!

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