Heartbroken Cat Rediscovers A Scent He Thought He’d Never Smell Again

Zeus the cat and Sam the dog were best buds. Sadly, Sam passed away and Zeus was forced to say goodbye to his pal. Even though Sam is gone, Zeus still misses his friend and finds ways to remember him. Animals are capable of the same type of mourning that humans experience. There was a recent experience that made Zeus’ level of mourning even clearer.

While there was a difference in their species, they did not allow these differences to divide them. The two developed the sort of relationship that is often atypical of cats and dogs. Most would believe that Sam and Zeus spent their days fighting over turf but nothing could be further from the truth. They expressed their love for each other in different ways, though.

Sam would act as if he was not interested in playing with Zeus. The two had a great running joke in this regard. Zeus would play the role of the happy and excited cat that just wants to play. Sam was the big, sleepy dog who acted as if he wanted to be left alone but secretly loved spending time with his pal. Zeus just loved to tease him but Sam was always a good sport.

He expressed his love for Zeus by showing him tolerance. According to Zeus’ family, he has been lonely ever since his friend moved onto a better place. He would follow his mother around quite a bit, looking to fill the void that Sam had left in his heart. When Sam passed, he was wrapped up in a blanket and Zeus immediately went to cuddle with him.

The bond that the two shared cannot be broken, even in death. Sam’s old collar was kept after his passing and Zeus found it one day. Smelling the collar unlocked so many memories for him. He was so happy to find it. If he could not cuddle with his friend one last time, this was certainly the next best thing. If you would like to see this moment for yourself, check out the video below.

Sometimes, all we need is a reminder of our old friends when we are dealing with a broken heart. Zeus may not be able to spend time with Sam anymore but thanks to this collar, they are always going to be together in spirit. Now, if you would kindly excuse us while we dry our eyes…

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