If You’ve Ever Thought About Adopting A Greyhound, The End Of 2020 Will Be The Time To Do It

Those who are considering the adoption of a greyhound may want to consider getting a move on. This past election day, Florida voters made a decision that will change the lives of many of these dogs. A animal safety ballot initiative was passed and the state is eliminating greyhound racing. By 2020, it will be completely illegal in the state of Florida.

This is a great development but it also comes with an unexpected consequence. Over 5,000 greyhounds will now need to find homes before it is too late. Animal rights activists are pleased but the battle is far from over. These dogs need homes and they need homes now. All of the dog racing tracks in Florida must be shut down by the time 2020 has drawn to a close.

Greyhounds may be larger dogs but they are known for being gentle giants. They make great pets and are a wonderful addition to any home. The Humane Society was responsible for making sure that this new amendment was passed. Now, they are looking to assist all of these dogs who are in need of new homes. They are offering their support to various groups who are housing the greyhounds.

However, there are so many tracks that are slated to close in the next year and change. Some are worried that this is not enough time for all of the dogs to find new homes. The mobilization process begins now. There is no need to wait until the last minute at a time like this. The dogs could end up in shelters with a high kill rate if no one adopts them.

Greyhound trainers are facing a widespread loss of employment as well. Many have been in the business ever since they were born and do not have any other skills that can be monetized. There are some tracks that will be closed by New Year’s but others will remain open until the end of 2020. In the meantime, these trainers are also looking for help.

Hopefully, all of the greyhounds and their trainers are able to find the assistance that they need. Dog racing is an outdated practice that needed to be stopped. While our hearts do go out to the trainers, we are happy to see that these dogs will not have to race for the amusement of humans anymore. Pass this story along to anyone you know who is looking for a greyhound to call their own.

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