Vietnam’s ‘Golden’ Bridge And It Looks Like It Belongs In Game Of Thrones

There is a new bridge in Vietnam just outside Da Nang and it is amazing visitors with the beautiful design. It is not held up by pillars but rather, two giant stone hands hold it in the air.

This bridge, known as the Golden Bridge, is located above the Ba Na hills at approximately 1400 m above sea level. The views of the surrounding area are absolutely breathtaking. The walkway itself is gold colored and it is lined with Lobelia chrysanthemums. As you walk along the 150 m length, curving around in an elegant fashion, it is the sculpted hands that will truly stand out.

TA Landscape Architecture is the company responsible for the design of this new bridge. It may look as if the hands are carved out of stone but in reality, they are man-made. The architecture company said: “We designed the skeleton of the hands and covered them with steel meshes. Then we finished with fiberglass and added the theming on it. The entire construction of the bridge took about a year.”

There are many more people visiting Vietnam because of the beauty of the country. This bridge is only part of a $2 billion investment that is designed to increase the annual visitors, which are already at 1.5 million. If you would like to take a closer look at this amazing bridge, you can visit in person or scroll down through these pictures:

A bridge in Vietnam has been built and it is beautiful in design.

It seems to be held up in the air by two giant hands.

This bridge is 1400 m above sea level in the Ba Na hills. It is called the Golden Bridge.

The bridge is newly opened

As you walk across the bridge, you will be amazed with the views of the surrounding area.

The bridge itself is gold but it is lined with purple Lobelia chrysanthemums

You can walk along the 150 m length of the bridge.

You will be amazed with the elegance.

The giant hands really stand out as the most amazing feature.

More and more people are visiting Vietnam.

They are discovering the beauty that this country provides.

The Golden Bridge is only part of a $2 billion tourism investment

There are already receiving 1.5 million visitors to Vietnam every year. They are aiming to increase that number.

Are you ready to visit this bridge?

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