Viral Hack Shows People Curling Their Hair Using Only A Plastic Bottle And Hair Dryer

Some people with straight hair embrace it and love it as their daily style but others dream about adding volume and a little bit of curl to their hairdo.

One of the more popular hairstyles is the beach wave and when you really stop to think about it, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. After all, it’s beautiful!

For many people who have straight hair, however, they may curl it but within an hour or so, it’s back to being straight again. If you fall in that category, then this viral hack may just change your life forever.

Dyson is a company that many of us are familiar with because they make household appliances. In October, they announced the fact that they were also putting out a new hairdryer that curls hair so perfectly that you will probably be in your car to pick it up at the store within minutes after reading this.

“Harnessing the power of Dyson’s digital motor, we have engineered a truly unique styling tool, preventing extreme heat damage when styling. I’m immensely proud of what our engineers have achieved,” Founder James Dyson wrote in a tweet.

This product is amazing but the Dyson AirWrap does come at a cost. Some people even think that it is too expensive to curl their hair.

You can expect to pay about $500 for this new hairdryer, which is beyond reach for many people. Some people around the world, however, were inspired and came up with their own version that was a lot more affordable.

One Twitter post that went viral showed a woman using a plastic bottle that was cut on the side and the top to curl her hair.

The hairdryer was inserted in the side and she twisted her hair that was inside of the bottle. She turns on the dryer for a few seconds and then removes the plastic bottle to show the gorgeous curls are in place.

Dyson’s product claims that it won’t damage your hair but using the plastic bottle doesn’t offer the same guarantee.

At the same time, however, you can always try using the cool setting or warm air rather than setting it on hot.

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