Dr. Tracks Down Dying Elderly Patient’s Dog At Shelter & Reunites Them A Day Before She Passes

When Mary was preparing to move onto a better place, her doctor decided to go above and beyond to make her final moments special. All Mary wanted was the chance to see her dog Herman again before she passed on. Sadly, she had been forced to give him up because she fell ill. There was no one else left to take care of him and the rat terrier was sent to a shelter.

Dr. Ryan Sears was not about to let her miss out on the chance to see her old pal again. He works with Kansas City Medical Partners and is known for his kindness. Mary did not even know what shelter her dog was staying in. That did not deter Dr. Sears one bit. He simply called up every shelter in the area until he was able to locate her precious Herman.

Herman is a middle-aged neutered male, rat terrier mix that was brought in by Leawood Animal Control after his owner’s…

Posted by State Line Animal Hospital & Holistic Health on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It is safe to say that we do not know many doctors who would be willing to do such a thing. Once the good doctor found Herman, he even took the additional step of bringing her to see Mary. The story was shared on Facebook and everyone is swooning. The woman may not have had any family or friends who were still able to assist her but she still had Dr. Sears in her corner.

Mary got to see Herman one last time and she passed away the following day. It is entirely possible that she was simply waiting to see her old friend one last time. The dog was so happy to see his mother again, he could barely contain himself. He spent much of their meeting wiggling all over her bed. As soon as she saw him, her whole demeanor changed.

As mentioned in a previous post, Herman has been adopted and is loving his new home. Here are some pictures the new owner shared with us!

Posted by State Line Animal Hospital & Holistic Health on Monday, October 1, 2018

Once she got her chance to play with Herman one last time, this was all the closure she needed. Dr. Sears believes that she needed this meeting in order to move forward. We hope that she is resting in peace and spending her days playing with all of the dogs in heaven. Dr. Sears let her know that he would help to find Herman a good home.

We are proud to let readers know that Herman did find a forever home to call his own. Even at 11 years old, he is still an energetic and happy dog. The new owner has even shared pictures with the rest of the world. This story goes to show that every cloud comes with its very own silver lining.

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