Cat With The Grumpiest Face Makes Everyone At Shelter Fall In Love With Him

Saul was first seen last month wandering along a rainy London street. The RSPCA was contacted right away and an animal collection officer was sent out to find him. From there, he was taken to their Putney Animal Hospital for further assistance. He was experiencing discharge from his nose and eyes. It was obvious that he had seen better days and his prognosis looked grim.

His teeth and jaw had been injured as well. Saul was probably the victim of a traffic incident. The staff at the animal hospital knew that they would need to act quickly if the cat was going to heal. As Saul started to mend, they began to notice some changes (or lack thereof) in his demeanor. They assumed that his grumpiness was due to living on the street.

However, his face only seemed to look more grumpy as time went on. It was the most amazing thing. No matter what sort of mood he was in, he maintained the same facial expression. No one seems to know if his faces are linked to his mood or if this is just simply the type of cat that he is. Saul happens to be very sweet and he never behaves in a grumpy manner.

His facial expressions belie his sweet nature. The more everyone got to know him, the more they fell in love. This is a classic example of not judging a book by its cover. While Saul may look like a big meanie, he is the furthest thing from it. He simply cannot help how his face looks. Saul loves cuddles and hugs just like any other cat.

No matter what is going on around him, his face remains the same and there is something to be said for that. He’s quite the sassy cat and has even been photographed sticking out his tongue at people. We cannot get enough of his antics and we are jealous that these workers get to spend so much time with him. He may look grumpy but he is a sweetheart at his core.

Couldn’t that be said for a lot of us, though? If you have a friend with a permanent scowl and a heart of gold, you will definitely want to pass this story along to them as soon as you possibly can. Once he has recovered from the injuries, he is going to move to a new location. From there, we expect that he should be able to find a forever home in no time at all.

If you’re interested in adopting Saul, you can contact the RSPCA for more information.

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