12-Year-Old Girl Who Was Killed Chasing After Her Beloved Dog Will Be Buried With Him

Jennarae was like any other little girl. She desperately wanted a dog to call her own. Unlike some little girls, she was willing to do whatever it takes. Her parents said that she could have a dog if she was ready to save up the money that would be necessary. Jennarae leaped at the chance. She saved the money needed and even came up with a perfect name: Cash.

The two formed a bond almost immediately. To Jennarae, Cash was more than just a dog. He was like a baby to her. Sadly, a horrific tragedy occurred late last month. The two were hanging out at their Virginia home, as they would on any other day. Unfortunately, they were playing outside when Cash got loose. Jennarae took off after him right away and the unthinkable took place.

Jennarae panicked and chased the dog all the way out onto Route 60. Eventually, a driver came along who was not able to stop in time. Cash and Jennarae were both killed as a result. This is the sort of sad story that we wish we never had to read. Our heart goes out to the driver of the vehicle. We cannot even begin to imagine how awful they must feel.

This little girl has touched the lives of so many and her family believes that it is only right for her to be buried with her best friend close by. This burial update has caused many to become tearful and it is still difficult for her loved ones to believe that she is really gone. There is no easy way to get over a loss that is this traumatic.

We wish this family well going forward and would like to take this time to send them our deepest condolences. If you wish to assist this family with the costs of burying Jennarae and Cash, take the time to visit their Go Fund Me page. Even something as simple as taking the time to share the link with others can help immensely at times like these.

Be sure to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones and take the time to spread the word. If you would like to learn more about this family’s grieving process, check out the clip below. The Goodbars deserve to have the closure that they need and we hope that they are able to make their way past this tragic event.

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