Weeks After A Fire Destroyed Their Home, Family Returns To Find Their Dog Waiting For Them

One of the best qualities that a dog possesses is their loyalty. They remain dedicated to their humans at all times and it does not matter how dire the situation may be. When the town of Paradise was ravaged by wildfire, a wide range of animals (and their families) were displaced. Northern California residents had to evacuate and leave their pets behind.

Andrea Gaylord is one of these residents. The fires spread so quickly, Miguel and Madison had to be left behind. The two dogs did not know what to do right away but they would soon figure it out. The results are priceless. These shepherd brothers love to watch over the property and they take their guard dog duties with the utmost level of seriousness.

Once Andrea was ready to head back to her property, she contacted a woman by the name of Shayla Sullivan. She is an advocate for animal rights who was working to locate the lost animals that were abandoned during the evacuations. She was given the chance to search the area and let Andrea know about the whereabouts of Miguel and Madison. Her findings might amaze you.

Can you believe that these dogs never truly went anywhere? Miguel had already been found and taken home by this point in time but Madison was still at large. The dog had been making himself useful in the meantime, though. When Andrea was ready to head back home, she was hopeful that she would be able to see her fur babies again.

While the house was gone and the land around it was destroyed, Madison was still there waiting. He was not about to neglect his duties. He needed to guard the land and make sure that it was still there once his mom got back! This is the sort of loyalty that makes dogs truly special. He spent weeks waiting and would have waited even longer, if need be.

If you would like to find out more about the story of Madison and Miguel, be sure to check out the clip below. A special shout out goes out to Shayla for the help that she was willing to provide during this trying time. Stories like these show that we can never count our dogs out, no matter what is taking place. We wish Andrea and her dogs all of the best going forward.

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