Cat Was Lost During Wildfire Comes Running When She Sees Her Family Again

Northern California residents have been dealing with the aftermath of Camp Fire for the past month. Paradise residents were forced to flee the region as the fires swept through their homes and Courtney Werblow is one local resident who lost her residence as a result of the flames. She was more worried about the whereabouts of her beloved cat, though.

Timber had vanished when the flames arrived and the family spent the following month waiting, wishing and hoping. They did not know where Timber was and they were just hoping that the cat was still alive. Courtney was finally given the chance to head back the house and this was the opportunity that she needed. She was going to find out if anything could be salvaged from the ashes.

Once the family arrived on the scene, they were stunned to see who was waiting for them. Timber had held down the fort in the meantime and as soon as she saw the family, she took off towards them in a dead sprint. She could not believe her eyes. This is one of the most touching reunions that we have ever had the chance to see for ourselves.

The most incredible part of all? Timber was perfectly fine and no worse for the wear. Even after going through this awful ordeal, she was in perfect health and ready to resume her normal family routine. Now, she is back with her loved ones where she belongs. Her story is a story of loyalty, endurance, patience and most importantly of all, love.

This is one family cat that is not going to allow herself to be separated from her loved ones, no matter what! Camp Fire caused devastation to a number of different families in this region and we are glad to see moments like this one. They prove that all hope is not going to be lost. If Timber can survive for this long, the rest of us can keep hanging on, too.

Courtney is sharing this story with the world, in hopes of spreading a positive message during a difficult time. Please be sure to share this story with your friends and loved ones as well. Would you like to see this awesome reunion for yourself? If so, take a moment to check out this heartwarming clip and try your very best not to cry!

NEVER LOSE HOPE! One month today since the fire, we received an escort to my parents property & my cat Timber was discovered!! She’s alive. Praise God!! ❤️To help our family in this time you can visit our gofundme at: read a little more on our story at:

Posted by Courtney Werblow on Saturday, December 8, 2018

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