Weightlifter Breaks Arm In Two Places Attempting To Lift 250 Pounds

Many weightlifters come together at the European weightlifting championships to show their strength and compete. A French weightlifter was also there and she gained some fame online. It wasn’t because of how much she could lift but rather, it was because she broke her left arm in two places trying to do it. The images and video are difficult to watch.

Gaelle Nayo Ketchanke is the weightlifter who was attempting to lift 110 kg (242 pounds). It would’ve been her career-best if she accomplished it.

She had attempted the lift earlier and failed but when she tried for the third time, she got the bar above her head and her left arm buckled.

The French team has provided confirmation that her left arm was broken in two places. I would say that is obvious after watching the video.

Although it has been unconfirmed, there are also some reports that she has a dislocated elbow. She was taken to the hospital for immediate surgery.

The European Weightlifting Federation was streaming the event live. The camera angle changed to focus on the team, however, when Nayo Ketchanke’s arm snapped. They didn’t cut the sound and you could still hear her crying out in pain in the background.

Although the day did not end well for her, she still managed to secure a bronze medal for the 103 kg opener.

Since this has happened, she went on Instagram to update people. It shows her smiling with a cast on her left arm.

She had the following to say, which has been translated from French:

“I’m coming out of these European Championships not in the best of ways, with a 107kg wrenching elbow injury after winning the bronze medal at 103kg.

“I received a lot of support messages that made me feel good and we are waiting for my return to France to do further tests.

“I want to thank the medical and technical staff of the Federation who responded very quickly and who are by my side. My coaches and my colleagues from the France team. I will come back to you for news.”

Fans have been very supportive and are wishing her a speedy recovery. They are also giving her kudos for winning the bronze.

One commented on Instagram: “Get well Champ.”

Another wrote: “A real Warrior!! Beautiful medal and beautiful smile.”

Someone else said: “Wishing you a speedy recovery. Congratulations on the bronze.”

A fourth added: “Love your attitude! Stay strong.”

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